For the past 40 years RCC, Inc. has been a leader in foundations and flatwork for commercial, agricultural, residential and industrial customers. Our reputation is built upon the highest quality service at competitive pricing. We have the ability to meet our customer’s concrete needs and wants, all within a timely fashion.

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Reedy Concrete

Footings, foundations, and flatwork for commercial, agricultural, residential and industrial customers. We can do any and all concrete projects of any size!

Today, there are many creative ways to use concrete in your home from the inside out. We can create a unique decorative surface with endless color combinations and unlimited shapes and sizes. Examples of our work can be seen in our Portfolio.

Trimble Construction Station, Total Robotic Station for precise job layout. Total Station is operated by Brett Klomsten (B.A. UW-Stout).

Somero® 3D Laser Screed: Laser Guided Concrete Leveler for floor flatness and project efficiency. We have models S15R and S485.

Concrete Pumping: 39 Meter Concrete Pump.

Somero Laser Screed 39 Meter Concrete Pump

ReCon Coating

Foundation coating provides waterproofing and damp proofing of concrete walls. We use the Rub R Wall product, a spray applied rubberized polymer coating. Rub R Wall has will prevent the penetration of water and bridge small cracks in your foundation walls. Waterproofing is mandatory in Minnesota and essential to protecting your business or home. ReCon Coating offers free estimates and contractors discounts.