About Us

Reedy Concrete Construction, Inc. (RCC Inc.) is a family owned and operated corporation located at 16451 S. 15th Street in Galesville, WI. Several Reedy Concrete Employees have completed training courses and are certified by OSHA, MSHA, ADA, ACI.

The Reedy family consists of Jim Reedy (President), his wife Marilyn Reedy (Corporate Secretary) and sons, Prentice and Tyler.

RCC Inc. is guided by supervisors Tony B (22 years employed), Brett K. (11 years employed), and Operations Manager H.L. Maher (B.S. Texas A&M University). Due to years of experience, seven crews led by top notch foremen ensure a job well done.

Trimble Construction Station, Total Robotic Station for precise job layout. Total Station is operated by Brett Klomsten (B.A. UW-Stout).

Somero® 3D Laser Screed: Laser Guided Concrete Leveler for floor flatness and project efficiency.

Concrete Pumping: 39 Meter Concrete Pump.

ReCon Coating Company, a division of RCC Inc. ReCon specializes in commercial and residential waterproofing, as well as air and vapor barriers.